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Are you a woman faced with a challenging financial situation?

This is especially true when women face some unexpected life change; such as seperation, loss of a partner or sabbatical leave.

We have always maintained that a financial plan is necessary for everyone; regardless of their gender.

However, in this particular case, it becomes necessary for them to have a future-oriented financial plan.

This would help them in redirecting their finances to open new doors of opportunity while ensuring that they do not face difficulty in navigating through their life after any such incident.

Despite some differences in challenges and goals, both men and women aim at one single objective; a secure, risk-free future devoid of financial difficulties.

At Armstrong Capital, we do not hold gender as a key factor while making investments.

We treat each investor as a person with certain objectives and requirements.

Our social norms dictate that women often find themselves as homemakers.

This inadvertently makes their financial autonomy challenging.

Although they have their goals and aspirations in mind, sometimes it becomes difficult for them to devise the right financial plan.


How Armstrong Capital Can Help

A woman's best protection is a little money of her own

Clare Boothe

Women planning a Sabbatical

A woman going through certain life changes such as marriage, motherhood, change of location face many challenges.

These circumstances are one of the most stressful to navigate through.

An inopportune and inadequately planned financial portfolio would exacerbate an already stressful situation.

What we can do for you

  1. Analysis the joint financial of both the family member to access if the financial goals can be met with single income.
  2. Draw a projection of how cashflows would look with double income and with single income.
  3. Plan a maternity sabbatical well in advance by suggesting investment options so that the mother can spend good amount of time raising her child.


The demise of a spouse warrants a detailed financial evaluation.

In the case of women, who most often do not handle the financial aspect of their lives feel constrained due to the lack of exposure towards the financial world.

There are numerous instances where financial planning is required.

From managing real estate documents to updating budgets, financial planning becomes too hectic at times.

The process can overwhelm anyone- let alone a person going through such a severe crisis, but we are here to help.

Your financial state and life goals might take a new turn after the demise of your spouse.

After thoroughly understanding and analysing your finances, income and expenses, we can devise the right financial plan for you.

Collaborating with an experienced financial advisor can somewhat reduce the emotional turmoil associated with widowhood.

What we can do for you

  1. Assist in claiming the life Insurance & Provident Funds.
  2. Transmission of all investments in Mutual funds from deceased to the nominee.
  3. Consolidate all the investments across various platforms and service providers.
  4. Make a financial plan for drawing annuity and keeping corpus safe for kids education.

Separation / Divorce

Emotional turmoil is a significant factor that hazes one’s sound judgement, producing various hurdles in reaching an impartial settlement.

Only after a thorough evaluation of assets and projections for both parties can a fair settlement be negotiated.

Without doing so, both parties are often subjected to undue financial and social hitches, resulting in an unnecessary complication of financial matters.

A financial advisor experienced in the domain of divorce intricacies can work out an agreeable settlement for both parties.

Going forward, both parties need to be financially secure, and this can only be done by an experienced financial advisor who can examine the assets of both parties thoroughly.

A judicial division of assets cannot be agreed upon without ensuring, via facts and statistics, that both parties will be financially sound after the settlement.


What we can do for you ?

  1. Dissemination of assets an elaborate outline that ensures that the settlement does justice to both parties
  2. Analysing and predicting the future financial liability
  3. Financial projections for maintenance/ alimony.
  4. Estimating corpus for kids education that will paint a clearer picture as to how to reach the aforementioned settlement.

Women Investors

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