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Financial Advice

Financial challenges not only confront resident Indians, but also non-resident Indians.

Being a seasoned Investment advisory service in India, Armstrong understands the risks and opportunities for non-resident Indians, and can come up with customized solutions to manage your assets most productively.

We understand NRI (Non-Resident Indian) financial requirements to the fullest and tailor solutions for them that will best meet these complexities.

Whether it’s tax planning, retirement, Investment or insurance, we curate the best possible solutions for you.

If you’re an NRI, financial planning begins with some points you need to think about

  • The taxation policy for your assets in India and in the country of which you are a resident.
  • The country where you want to retire, whether India or outside.
  • The best investment options for non-resident Indians.
  • Your insurance and the countries that the insurance covers you in.
  • The country where you want your children to study in.
  • Transfer of funds from one country to another.
  • Ways to minimize risks linked with currency fluctuations

We review all forms of your assets, whether in India or abroad and provide expert advice accordingly.

We can work out a plan for retirement in India, and also help you change your status from Non-Resident Indian to Resident Indian or the other way round.

Our clients are based in many countries outside India. We continuously monitor and advise on their assets. We also offer corporate services if you are looking for advisory services for institutions.

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Tax Planning

Tax is an important contributor when making any type of investment.

At Armstrong, we offer the best tax advisory and planning, opening up the options for several tax-compliant investments that will maximize returns and minimize the risks.

We have a sound knowledge on the double taxation treaties we help you understand what taxes apply to you and how to curate your investments to make the most out of them.

A non-expert is often confused, or has misconceptions about a number of things.

People often believe that NRIs don’t need to file tax returns since there’s no income that needs to be declared. This might not be the case in reality.

By hiring a professional like Armstrong Capital you can be rest assured that you’ll receive the correct and up-to-date advice to make the right tax decisions and also filling for IT Returns.

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Retirement Planning

A strong retirement planning can curate a worry-free future for yourself and your family.

There are multiple a client needs to think about before we can work out the perfect retirement plan for him.

For NRIs, the biggest question is whether they want to retire in India or outside. This is an important decision to make since it governs your asset allocation in India as well as outside, together with the retirement calculations.

Our NRI clients often ask us whether they should retire in India or abroad. Though the decision is a personal one, there are many aspects that you should consider. While some NRIs want to spend the remaining years of life enjoying the comfortable life abroad, some want to reconnect with family in India after their retirement.

Other than the emotional factor, there are also economic aspects to keep in mind. While retiring abroad may mean you don’t have to worry about inflation a lot, returns may be a point of concern.

On the other hand, retiring in India may mean you can enjoy a better lifestyle at a lower price, but inflation and economic fluctuations may still concern you. 

Investment Strategy

The most popular thing that NRIs think about when making an investment decision is the exchange rate.

The real pointer are annuity cash flows, maintenance of the property, inheritance of property.

We factor in all the facets of your investment before coming up with a robust plan.

The combination of your asset allocation in different countries and the ratio of assets in each asset class in each of those countries where you have invested is sometimes even more important than the exchange rate.

At Armstrong Capital we evaluate all that for you to work up a plan that will ensure your financial strength.

Whether your bank account is a Non-Resident Ordinary Account (NRO), Non-Resident External Account (NRE), or Foreign Currency Non-Resident Bank Account (FCNR), we help you invest and maximize returns from all.

At Armstrong, you’ll find endless possibilities, including the best investments abroad, as well as foreign currency investments in India.

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