Career Transition

Get the best financial plans while you plan your new venture

Beginning your entrepreneurial journey? Dont forget to plan your finances

This job change may even set a career transition in motion.

Plunging into the entrepreneurial journey without prior planning and strategy can be daunting.

If you haven’t clearly got your goals, aspirations, and work plan in place, it might prove difficult to survive in the modern-day capitalistic mindset.

To save yourself from all of this emotional turmoil and financial insecurity, it is imperative to plan every move carefully.

The single greatest hurdle between you and a successful future is the lack of a financial plan.

Job changes are not always planned.

The uncertain job market poses a risk to everyone- companies often downsize and are prone to retrenchments.

Starting your own business also requires you to be financially secure.


What Would Armstrong Capital Do to Help?

  • Estimating your monthly / annual commitments
  • Consolidating all your active and passive investments
  • Bifurcating the corpus into three buckets to generate fixed and monthly income and keep funds liquid for contingency
  • Stop Gap withdrawal from the corpus

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Neale Donald Walsch

Career Transition

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