How We Work

For our Review Sample Plans:

Our way of working

Our investment process is an exhaustive one, supported by a number of steps that frame the lifecycle of an investment idea. It starts with the

  1. Evaluation of investors’ needs
  2. Identification of potential investments
  3. Building a sound portfolio
  4. Monitoring of risk levels to create long term winning portfolio

Our plans are the backbone of our advisory, we bring in a lot of innovation to construct a portfolio and to evaluate Portfolio performance. Our quest is to research and seek new and improved ways to offer better value to our clients.

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An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends.

Benjamin Franklin

Our Research

We take pride in our research. The unparalleled research that goes behind each financial plan is what sets us apart and builds trust in our clients. We believe in two-sided research in the wealth management industry. At one end, we dive deep into the assets of the clients to figure out what investment or plan is likely to suit them best. On the other side, we investigate the portfolio before picking the funds for our clients to invest in

We do our own Research we know what we own well. We have a process of shortlisting the funds and it’s called our White List. We evaluate the performance every quarter and update the recommendation. Then we make model portfolio for different cases, this brings in uniformity to the advice given by our Investment Advisors and at any given point of time two portfolio’s of same profile of client looks similar.

Some parameter considered for shortlisting are

  1. New stocks bought by the Fund
  2. Overall Universe of stocks of the Fund house
  3. Overlap between 2 funds of the same fund house
  4. Number of multi baggers in a portfolio over 3 years
  5. Low beta and higher Alpha
  6. Investment Style of the Fund Manager
  7. Risk Management techniques of the Fund House


Consider funds whitelist as our comprehensive, well-researched database. All of the techniques discussed above go into researching funds. Bottom-up research is carried out around various aspects of each of the funds before moving ahead with them. Only the funds that pass the rigorous testing and come out clean will appear on our funds whitelist.

Debt Fund Research

Debt fund research is another sector that we specialize in. Debt Fund research is an extensive department on its own. We carry an exhaustive research on the various instruments the fund has invested in, their composition, their liquidity, duration, number securities and finally the rating.

We don’t simply recommend suitable Mutual Funds to the investors based on past performance. We do our research to predict future performers. In addition to recommending funds, we also keep close track of their performance and perform periodic research on them to make sure their still of value. If the funds are performing less than optimal, we discuss and weigh the odds with the clients to make suitable adjustments or changes to the investment to keep it performing up to mark.

Our Plans

Portfolio Review Plan

The portfolio review plan is carried out once a year on the portfolio of our clients to do track the performance of the funds we have recommended and establish where they stand among their peers. We fish out the underperforming funds to make a suitable decision for them.

Portfolio Consolidation Plan

It consolidates the client’s holdings with different service providers to mitigate risks and eliminate duplication in recommending funds to them.

Execution Plan

The financial plan offered to the client is followed by the execution plan. This plan maps the funds onto their goals to get a clearer picture of what the client wants to achieve in the coming years.

Profit Booking and Reallocation Plan

This plan is performed when the portfolio returns are greater than 13% XIRR and 30% absolute. According to this plan, the profit is moved to the debt funds. Over a period of time, the principal is reallocated to equity.

Portfolio Overlap

This is portfolio-level research. Here we identify the funds of different fund houses with common stocks. It helps us bring versatility to the fund recommendations by giving the clients an opportunity to choose funds that don’t overlap.