Corporate Services

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Corporate Services

We also offer advisory services for institutions.

Our skilled advisors can generate the best plans for treasury management and risk management for the organization.

While mitigating the operational financial risks for companies, we also handle liquidity.

If you are looking for someone to manage funds and working capital for your company, Armstrong is the one you can put your trust in.

“If you don't invest in risk management, it doesn't matter what business you're in, it's a risky business.”

Gary Cohn

Treasury Management

At Armstrong Capital, we offer professional treasury management services to help you meet financial obligations and make informed decisions about business investments to yield maximum benefits.

To us, treasury management is like driving a machine with many moving parts because there are several short-term, long-term, and risk-related outcomes to consider.

For this reason, we employ an exceptionally comprehensive approach to factor in evert financial detail. 

You can count on our team at Armstrong Capital to leverage its data-driven techniques to help you get the most out of your current cash levels. We do our own research on the credit rating, management, review the balance sheet using our company methods, and analyze the cash flow before recommending any investment avenue to our clients.

At Armstrong Capital, we recognize that no two businesses will want to use the exact same cash and asset management strategies, simply because each of them will have their unique financial duties to fulfill and distinct growth trajectories.

Our financial experts will take out the time to understand the goals objectives and time frame of your organization before offering any financial insights or making any investment recommendations.

Whether its Equity Funds, Corporate Bonds, Liquid Funds, Bond Funds you can put your faith in Armstrong Capital to do justice to your organization with our treasury management


Risk Management

It does not matter how well-established your business or organization is, the future can always present you with a wild card in the form of unexpected events that can do serious damage to your company and its employees.

Such damages are expensive to take care of, which is why Armstrong Capital recommends embracing sound risk management strategies. We have team of experts who can assess the risk attached to your business assets and people attached to your business and will suggest the appropriate risk mitigation strategies.

Think of our risk management services as safety nets to safeguard the future of your business and relevant parties.

These are detailed below as follows:

Key man Insurance

This life insurance is purchased by companies looking to protect the life of an important individual such as CEO, company owner, top executive, or any other such person.

Group Mediclaim

With this insurance, we hope to protect employees and their family members from medical emergency expenditures such as illness or accidental injury.

Group Personal Accident

We recognize employees as useful members of the company and want to protect them from 100% of accidents and other unfortunate events that may befall them.

Group Term Insurance

With this insurance, we hope to protect employee and their family members from any extreme eventuality that can happen. In the case of death, the benefits are passed to legal heirs.

Assets Insurance

Our risk management strategy entails asset management that takes care of property damage and loss of assets. Such a safety net minimizes the financial impact to the concerned party.

Financial Handholding for Employees

In today’s world, it is no longer enough to pay your employees enough and call it a day.

Companies all across the globe spend generous amounts of money to keep their employees motivated, boost their productivity, and help them experience a better work morale through the provision of employee-centric benefits.

It is important that you show employees you care about them and their financial security and prosperity.

One of the ways of doing so is to educate them on financial planning.

It is critical (especially for young employees) to recognize the need to make calculated investments and develop an appropriate tax plan so that it is easier for them to save money while conforming to legal obligations.

We financially handhold them and provide answers to questions like

  1. How much should my vacation budget be ?
  2. How much Home loan can I afford?
  3. How do I support my parents with a monthly income?
  4. How much should I save ?


We help them in overall budgeting, Tax planning, Investment Advisory, IT-Returns filling, in a nutshell overall a complete Financial Planning.

Providing such benefits can help employees develop loyalty towards your organization, improve their quality of work, and make them serious contenders for higher positions in the long run.


Corporate Services

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