Manju Mastakar


An affinity for a career with immensely challenging job content and excellent growth opportunities has ensured Manju’s consistent performance in the highly demanding field of equity markets along with advising individuals and institutions. Having worked with highly reputed international and Indian firms with the likes of HSBC, MF Global and Motilal Oswal, has given her the confidence to venture out on her own to establish Armstrong Capital Advisory. Her ability to lead a small yet highly effective advisory team with the highest efficiency has made Armstrong grow into a significant player in the market in a very short time.

Ratheesh Nambiar

Associate Vice President


Equipped with more than a decade of experience of the financial industry, Ratheesh has gained unparalleled knowledge of investment management. Ratheesh overlooks the business development division of Armstrong and handles client relations.Ratheesh’s expertise in financial planning, mutual funds and equities has helped various clients in achieving their financial goals.